Protect your WordPress Website


“WARNING: Your Business Website is Vulnerable to Attack”

What would happen if there was a theft at your place of business? We’re sure you have decent locks and other security systems in place to protect your business assets

Unfortunately, the same has not been done for your website

Your site is vulnerable to hacking by the “bad guys” and WE KNOW LIMITED want to provide you with some tips to fix it right away

Time is ticking…

The things it can fail on are as follows:

i. Configuration file is in a vulnerable location. It is not secured. Your passwords can be read
ii. Version number is publicly readable. It’s easier to find known exploits, which even inexperienced hackers can use
iii. Your site is displaying unnecessary detail on failed login attempts, which allows hackers to run automated solutions to crack your password
iv. The installation script is still available and someone can simply destroy your current website with the click on a button

WE KNOW LIMITED strongly recommend you get these 4 basic issues fixed asap before your site gets defaced. There are people out there who deface websites for fun and some for even more sinister reasons

The repercussions are not good. Google can render your site unsafe for browsing and even de-index it. It can take months and a lot of pleading before it comes back – even after you fix everything

If you fix the 4 issues we have above, you should be ahead of around 74% of other business owners, but it still leaves your website vulnerable to the “advanced hackers”.

WE KNOW LIMITED offer an audit, review and website security fix for WordPress websites as a service to business owners in our local community for a very small fee right now

This fix can be done in approximately 2-4 hours (if it’s not infected) and is an investment you cannot afford not to make